Thursday, September 9, 2010

Direct mail marketing is at the heart of an integrated marketing strategy, even in this digital age...

According to a recent article in B to B Online focusing on the use of integrated marketing strategies, direct mail was a component in 75.4% of all campaigns. This information was developed through survey conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

The survey also revealed that among media channels, “direct mail often sets the tone for integrated campaigns. In the 57.4% of campaigns that stagger the introduction of media, almost half of the media launches in the first phase were direct mail."

What better way to endorse the use of mail as a part of an integrated marketing strategy? Although there are other marketing options in this changing media landscape, direct mail marketing is one the way that marketers can reliably reach out to their prospects, and earn some of the highest return on investment.

In fact, based on overall revenue, direct mail beat out e-mail marketing by almost 32%! The survey found that respondents tracking the “impact on revenue of individual media…attributed 29% of the revenue generated from the campaign to direct mail, followed by email, with (only) 21.6% of revenue.”

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