Thursday, August 1, 2013

Four Ways: Coaching a Direct Mail and Social Media Tag-Team

Four Ways: Coaching a Direct Mail and Social Media Tag-Team

By Frank Nyfenger

A continuously heated match in the marketing ring has featured direct mail and social media. In the left corner, direct mail represents the marketing reigning champ that consistently produces quality ROI. In the right corner stands social media as the marketing challenger proven to be worth the hype. Rather than fight to determine which is superior, let’s take a look at a few of the many benefits of using them as a tag-team.

1.  Build your social media audience through direct mail. When the creation of engaging content yields fewer followers than desired, direct mail can provide the boost your brand needs. By mailing a direct mail piece with a call-to-action to, for example, ‘Follow’ your Twitter or ‘Like’ your Facebook page, you can bring your target audience to social media through direct mail. A simple call-to-action via direct mail has the potential of greatly increasing you social media audience and your brand.

2.  Utilize both mediums to improve customer service quality. Interact with clients and customers via social media between direct mail pieces. Posting updates on social platforms will keep clients and customers in the loop between direct mail pieces, while also affording them the opportunity to conveniently contact your business with any questions, comments, or concerns.

3.  Knowing when your direct mail pieces will arrive in homes allows for a multichannel marketing strategy with social media. For example, if a direct mailer is sent focusing on the main attractions of an upcoming event, social media updates can detail minor attractions. Whereas the direct mail piece can create initial interest for the event, social media can further entice invitees to attend the event, resulting in a higher turnout. 

4.  Similar to No. 1, include a QR code with a direct mailer to drive your audience to social media. QR codes effectively attract customers to desired web pages, and can be used to attract customers to social media platforms as well. Adding a QR code that directly points to a Facebook Company Page or a company blog can provide the extra push needed to attain a new follower to your online audience. By using a highly targeted mailing list, such as those provided by GT Marketing, the followers you gain will comprise of valuable prospects and potential clients. View more information about the uses of QR codes here.

The possibility exists to focus on either direct mail or social media marketing, and as long as you effectively utilize the marketing medium, your business should be able to KO the competition. Still, there is such vast potential when using the two in tandem that in may be unwise not to.

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