Thursday, January 27, 2011

Direct Mail Automation Shortens Lead Time Increases Response Rates

A CME agency had a problem: How to invite selected doctors to participate in educational meetings which teach proper injection techniques for a leading “cosmetic” drug.

The agency needed to reach dermatologists, primary care physicians, plastic surgeons, and dentists. Each medical professional had their own unique levels of experience and expertise. Each requires an invitation tailored to their level of experience and expertise. Adding to this complex task was the size of the program. Over 150 seminars were planned throughout the year, and each invitation needed to be customized for each site and carry professional appeal to attract the doctor to the seminar. The invitation had to be produced quickly and inexpensively.

GT Marketing tailored a web portal solution that put the scheduling power and editing control into the agency’s hands. The on-line toolkit allowed the agency to create a virtual print proof of the invitations and keep track of the process through a customized status dashboard. Pertinent meeting data could be entered, reviewed with the client, and approved before being electronically sent to GT Marketing’s production facility. GT Marketing then performs a targeted list selection based on the physician’s specialty and location, personalized the invitations, and completed the mailing.

Turn around time to complete this entire process is usually less than 48 hours, an impressive reduction in time and effort from the days when proofs and phone calls would fly back and forth between the client, the printer, and the mail shop.

“The process has proven to be very fast, extremely reliable, and very user friendly” described Paul Nyfenger, President and CEO of GT Marketing.

The results: the client has reduced the time it takes to recruit physicians, and has increased their seminar attendance rates, resulting in a greater return on investment, and overall program satisfaction.

GT Marketing is pleased to announce that the project was just extended for another 150 meetings through the end of the 2011.

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