Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ways To Save This Summer

Sure last April saw a postal rate increase. But direct mail is still a cost effective, relevant way to broadcast your message. In fact, there are several ways to save money and prospect for new customers using an inexpensive mail medium that puts a postcard right into a recipient’s hand.

One method to reduce your postage costs by using flat sized saturation mailings. This is a simplified mailing plan, currently promoted by the United States Postal Service (USPS), which takes the complexity out of mailings and allows you to reach local customers in the most economical way.

Another way to reduce costs is to mail to take advantage of USPS’ summer sale. The USPS is offering a 3% discount on standard and first class letters, flats or cards containing a Quick Response (QR) barcode.

As discussed in GT Marketing Ltd’s March blog post, these barcodes allow a smart-phone user to directly link to a personalized website, receive a text, or to learn more information about a product or service.

The strategy of integrating electronic technology with physical mail is a way that the USPS in general, and mailers in particular are using mail as a means to drive on-line access and conversations. Some great tips and suggestions for how to make your mailer drive customers to your offering, on-line or off, are enumerated in this article.