Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Running The Numbers

Marketing is a numbers game. There is no better tactile, testable, and tracable marketing method than direct mail.

Below are some interesting statistics from the world of direct mail:
By 2015, the global direct marketing advertising services market is forecast to reach $25 billion. "Market growth will be spurred by locally targeted advertisements, and micro-targeted advertisements, a move away from mass advertising to direct advertising.

Direct mail (33%) is the third leading source for households coupons, behind only the Sunday newspaper (49%) and in-store promotions (43%). This is well ahead of eight other sources including Internet sites or text messages (14% each).

Many of today's paper products are made from renewable resources. "The vast majority of paper produced in America today comes from trees grown for that specific purpose...[i}n fact, forest land in the United States has increased by 5.3 million acres in the past three decades.

Typical charitable organizations receive more than three-quarters of their total gifts through direct mail. Direct mail is also responsible for aquiring three quarters of new donors.