Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How Direct Mail Compliments Your On-Line Objectives

Think that mail and new media aren’t complimentary? Think again.

A recent article in Business to Business Magazine described a use for mail as a “call to action” to drive prospects to engage in on-line. Direct mail was used to drive prospects to sign up for an electronic newsletter, visit a website, or join an organization.

E-mail alone would not likely have spurred the amount of activity which the mailing campaigns accomplished. In the case of prospects who were invited to join an organization, the increase was 337%. In that case, a list of female veterans was selected based on their age.

In another example, a personalized URL (PURL) was used to back up a mailing to a highly targeted list of only 4000 prospects based on geographic and income levels. The results were positive enough that the financial advisor is working on similar future mailings.

In another example we wrote about in the GT Marketing Ltd blog, we described how to effectively use QR codes on your mailings.

Fundamental is the use a targeted mailing list to get your compelling offer into the right hands so you can drive the recipient to your website for information, e-mail capture, or a sale. These are just some ways that direct mail complements advertising in this electronic, mobile age.